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Videogame Interviews

This collection includes filmed interviews and documentary pieces with important figures from videogame history, including many contributions quizzing contemporary Japanese developers and other important Western figures, thanks to UK-based game website, USA-based and UK-based British Gaming Blog.


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Videogame Videos

Interview 39
Kikizo 26
Microsoft 8
Xbox 360 7
Nintendo 5
BGB Wire 3
British Gaming Blog 3
Daniel Sussman 3
Doom 3 3
Guitar Hero 3
Harmonix 3
Helen McWilliams 3
Id Software 3
John Carmack 3
N-Gage 3
QuakeCon 3
Shigeru Miyamoto 3
Todd Hollenshead 3
Xbox 3
Animal Crossing 2
Bungie 2
Ed Fries 2
Fable 2
Guitar Hero II 2
Jim Black 2
Kevin Cloud 2
Nokia 2
Peter Molyneux 2
Peter Moore 2
Prince of Persia 2 2
Q Entertainment 2
QuakeCon 2002 2
Rare 2
Robert A. Duffy 2
Sony 2
Tetsuya Mizuguchi 2
Tim Willits 2
X06 2
Zelda 2
Andy Dombroski 1
Andy Robson 1
Big Blue Box 1
Billy Hatcher 1
Bizarre Creations 1
Bku-Ray 1
Black and White 2 1
Censorship 1
Chris Butcher 1
Chris Lewis 1
Chris Stamper 1
Chris Taylor 1
Christian Antkow 1
Cliff Bleszinski 1
Climax Studios 1
Cold Winter 1
Crash Bandicoot 1
DS 1
Dan Morris 1
Daniel Campbell 1
Dene Carter 1
Dimitri 1
Dungeon Siege 1
E3 1
EA 1
Eiji Aonuma 1
Ensemble 1
Epic Games 1
Europe 1
Everquest 2 1
Final Fantasy IXV 1
Fumito Ueda 1
G4 1
Game Cube 1
Game Development 1
Gas Powered Games 1
Ghost Recon 2 1
Gran Turismo 1
Gran Turismo 4 1
Halo 1
Halo 2 1
Halo Wars 1
Hideki Konno 1
Hirokazu Yasuhara 1
Hiroshi Yamauchi 1
Ico 2 1
Ilkka Raiskinen 1
J Allard 1
Jak 1
Jak II 1
Jak and Daxter 1
Jake McMahon 1
James Allard 1
James Leach 1
Jamie Griesemer 1
Japan 1
Jason Jones 1
Jason Rubin 1
Jean-Christophe Guyot 1
John Blakely 1
John Romero 1
Jonathan Hanna 1
Jonathan Lecraft 1
Joseph Staten 1
Julian Widdows 1
Kameo 1
Kareem Ettouney 1
Katsuya Eguchi 1
Kaz Hirai 1
Kaz Yamauchi 1
Kenji Kaido 1
Kevin Saffel 1
Koji Kondo 1
Kunoichi 1
Lionhead 1
Live Anywhere 1
Making of 1
Marcus Lehto 1
Mario Cart DS 1
Mario Galaxy 1
Marty O'Donnell 1
Masahiro Kumono 1
Matt Cavanagh 1
Maxis 1
Metriod 1
Micro Transactions 1
Mikael Labat 1
Monkeystone 1
Nathan Smethurst 1
Nathan Walpole 1
Naughty Dog 1
Nightshade 1
Ninety-Nine Nights 1
Ninja 1
Nintendo DS 1
Nintendo History 1
Nintendogs 1
Origin 1
Origin Systems 1
PS3 1
Peter Jackson 1
Phantagram 1
PlayStation 3 1
Playstation 3 1
Polyphony Digital 1
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within 1
Project Gotham Racing 1
Project Gotham Racing 2 1
Rage Software 1
Rareware 1
Red Storm Entertainment 1
Reggie Fils-Aime 1
Rez 1
Richard Dansky 1
Rick Hall 1
Riiiige Racer 1
Robbie Bach 1
Robert McLees 1
Sam Parker 1
Sam van Tilburgh 1
Sangyoun Lee 1
Sarah Boulian 1
Satoru Iwata 1
Scott Henson 1
Secrets 1
Sega 1
Sega Rally 1
Shacknews 1
Shadow of the Colossus 1
Shi Kai Wang 1
SimCity 1
Simon Carter 1
Sonic 1
Sonic Heroes 1
Sonic Team 1
Sony Online Entertainment 1
Sony PSP 1
Steven L. Kent 1
Stevie Case 1
Stuart Compton 1
Sudeki 1
Support 1
Swordfish Studios 1
Team Ico 1
The Movies 1
The Wind Walker 1
Thomas Pirenen 1
Tim Stamper 1
Tokyo Games Show 1
Tom Hall 1
Ubisoft 1
Ubisoft Montreal 1
Ultima 1
Ultima X: Odyssey 1
Unreal 2 1
Unreal Tournament 2003 1
Vivendi Game 1
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Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
October 2002 Interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, game footage includes Zelda: The Wind Walker, Metroid Prime and Animal Crossing. Questions asked about if his family and children influences his design, about how now he oversees games and if that takes away from the more hands on role he had previously. Then moving onto the new Metroid (Prime) game and if it would be more open like previous Metroid games, then if Japanese players would respect the first person view, and his role in it. He is then...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Kikizo, Shigeru Miyamoto, Interview, Nintendo, Zelda, The Wind Walker, Metriod, Animal Crossing,...
Videogame Interviews
by id software
This DOOM 3 movie, which debuted on G4TechTV (and put on Fileshack July 17th 2004), runs for nearly three minutes showing ingame- and interview footage. Some of the interview footage is from the "History of Doom 3" piece. This piece is a short wrapup of the game. Interviewee's are Robert A. Duffy (Lead Programmer), Kevin Cloud (Artist/Co-Owner), Tim Willits (Lead Designer), John Carmack (Technical Director/Co-Owner) and Jim Black (Development Relations Account Manager). [Thanks to...
Topics: Interview, Doom 3, id Software, Robert A. Duffy, Kevin Cloud, Tim Willits, John Carmack, Jim Black
Videogame Interviews
by id software
This DOOM 3 movie, which debuted on G4TechTV (and put on Fileshack on July 23rd, 2004, while Doom 3 was released August 2004 in America), offers a whole bunch of gameplay footage and interviews with the people at id Software about development of the game. Interviewees (in order of appearance) include John Carmack (Co-Owner/Technical Director), Tim Willits (Co-Owner/Lead Designer), Todd Hollenshead (Co-Owner/CEO), Kevin Cloud (Co-Owner/Artist), Steven L. Kent (Author of "The Making of Doom...
Topics: Interview, G4, Doom 3, id software, John Carmack, Tim Willits, Todd Hollenshead, Kevin Cloud,...
Videogame Interviews
by Origin
A "making of" video for Ultima X: Odyssey (by Origin Systems). The video was released September 26th 2003, notably important due to the game being cancelled, and Origin being disbanded by EA in Feburary 2004, and is thus an interesting look at the last game the company ever worked on, and what they thought it would be when released. The video contains interviews with Daniel Campbell (QA Lead), Rick Hall (Senior Producer), Jonathan Hanna (Lead Designer), Jonathan Lecraft (Designer),...
Topics: Interview, Making of, Origin, Origin Systems, Ultima, Ultima X: Odyssey, Daniel Campbell, Rick...
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
In this lengthy interview from April 2004, Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Founder, Q Entertainment, formerly President, Sega UGA) answers a wide range of questions, and covers quite a bit of ground, such as his unique catalogue of games (which includes Rez and Sega Rally), the future of technology and how it will both entertain and unite people, as well as his views on the upcoming handhelds from Sony and Nintendo. Kikizo's page on this interview is located here:...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Sega, Q Entertainment, Sega Rally, Rez
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
Interview with Masahiro Kumono of SEGA WOW Inc., about Kunoichi (Japanese release name, roughly: "Female Ninja") / Nightshade (English release name), from October 2003. Questions are all about the game, and its design. Footage includes that from the game's CD sequences, and some gameplay (the game was near release at the time). Kikizo's page on this video is here: Videogame-related footage taken from Kikizo's...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Masahiro Kumono, Ninja, Kunoichi, Nightshade, SEGA
Videogame Interviews
by Ubisoft Montreal
A video interview with Mikael Labat (Artistic Director, Prince of Persia 2), voiced over by a translator, and intercut with Prince of Persia 2 artwork and gameplay footage. He details the artwork of the game, and the artistic design decisions in the game. This was originally released July 14th, 2004. [Thanks to Fileshack for the video source]
Topics: Interview, Ubisoft Montreal, Prince of Persia 2, Mikael Labat
Videogame Interviews
by British Gaming Blog
It’s the third and final part of our interview with Daniel and Helen from Harmonix, discussing things like music games in general, the best songs in Guitar Hero II and who really is the best at the company? BGB Wire is British Gaming Blog's on-camera interviews and reports.
Topics: British Gaming Blog, BGB Wire, Interview, Harmonix, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Helen McWilliams,...
Videogame Interviews
A set of 4 promotional videos released on Feburary 5th, 2003. The main content is the Monkeystone interviews, and technical specifications of the N-Gage phones. Notably important since Monkeystone lost all the people in the interview Mid-2003 (when Stevie Case left) and October-2003 (when Tom Hall and John Romero left, and in fact the N-Gage first was sold). The short Monkeystone interviews include Stevie Case (Chief Operating Officer), John Romero (CEO and Lead Programmer) and Tom Hall...
Topics: Interview, N-Gage, Nokia, Monkeystone, Stevie Case, John Romero, Tom Hall
Will Wright answers questions explaining the Sims philosophy and design, from the SimCity 2000 Special Edition version of the game, accessible through it's "WillTV" interface. Questions asked in the 4 parts are: Future Sims - "What is your vision for the future of Sim games?" (Question: MPEG4, SMK, Answer: MPEG4, SMK)"Sim" Philosophy - "What got you started designing Sim games?", "What to people get out of Sim games?" (Question: MPEG4, SMK,...
Topics: Will Wright, Interview, Maxis, SimCity
Videogame Interviews
by Ubisoft Montreal
A promotional interview with Jean-Christophe Guyot from August 2004, on the combat in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (In development titled Prince of Persia 2, and being a sequel to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time). With the combat information (weapons, enemies, changes in gameplay from the original), in game work in progress footage is shown of the respective elements. [Thanks to Fileshack for the video source]
Topics: Interview, Ubisoft, Prince of Persia 2, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Jean-Christophe Guyot
Videogame Interviews
by Film Oasis
A Making of Halo 2 video, from December 2003 (the game was released November 2004), which details the design (including art design), story and gameplay of Halo 2 and details of the work going into it, and how the project started and what features are in the game. Interviews are with various Bungie people: Marty O'Donnell (Composer/Audio Director), Joseph Staten (Writer/Cinematics Director), Jason Jones (Project Lead), Jamie Griesemer (Design Lead), Marcus Lehto (Art Director), Nathan Walpole...
Topics: Interview, Bungie, Microsoft, Halo 2, Marty O'Donnell, Joseph Staten, Jason Jones, Jamie Griesemer,...
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
Interview with Yuji Naka, President of the Sonic Team, from June 2003. He speaks about Sonic Heroes, Billy Hatcher, racing games, Sony PSP and Nokia's N-Gage (Footage from most of these are shown throughout), as well as general topics about himself. Kikizo's page on this interview is located here: Videogame-related footage taken from Kikizo's archives. [Thanks to for donating this footage.]
Topics: Kikizo, Yuji Naka, Sonic, Sonic Team, Sonic Heroes, Billy Hatcher, Sony PSP, N-Gage
An interview with Product Manager Fumito Ueda and Producer Kenji Kaido of Team Ico about the game known at the time as "Wanda and Colossus" from initial Japanese translation, or "Ico 2" since the team had released Ico in 2001. The game was later released as "Wander and the colossus" in Japan and "Shadow of the Colossus" elsewhere. Thanks to Kikizo for the source, the original page on this interview is located here:...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Fumito Ueda, Kenji Kaido, Team Ico, Wanda and Colossus, Ico 2, Shadow of the...
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
Kikizo interviews Peter Molyneux in a 30 minute video about his then-upcoming projects The Movies, Black and White 2 and the top secret project Dimitri. Also has discussions on censorship, the next generation of consoles, development and complex/simple games. The interview was filmed in August 2004. Thank you to Kikizo for the source. The original Kikizo page for this interview is located here: Kikizo noted down the questions on their...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Peter Molyneux, The Movies, Black and White 2, Fable, Dimitri, Censorship, Game...
Videogame Interviews
by Sony Online Entertainment
A 7 minute movie about Everquest 2 involving 2 interviews, and a lot of in-game footage. Fileshack reports this file is from Nov 20, 2002, 2 years before the game was released in November 2004. John Blakely (Senior Producer) describes the games level of detail and experience, and does comparisons with the original Everquest world. He also gives some information on a non-combat class, which the community wanted, and on character evolution, then on player/guild housing. Stuart Compton (Art...
Topics: Interview, John Blakely, Stuart Compton, Everquest 2, Sony Online Entertainment
Videogame Interviews
by Red Storm Entertainment
A promotional interview with Richard Dansky of Red Storm Entertainment from September 2004, detailing the differences between the Xbox and PS2 versions of Ghost Recon 2. [Thanks to Fileshack for the video source]
Topics: Interview, Red Storm Entertainment, Ghost Recon 2, Richard Dansky
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
June 2003 interview with Ilkka Raiskinen, Senior VP of Entertainment for Nokia. Platform discussed is generally the N-Gage (Released October 2003) and Nokia, since it was announced very close to the interview time. Topics include price and unit value, the reasons for making it, and the specifications of the platform as a phone, comparison to competitors, and the future - what people might think and how Nokia will be supporting it, and what the N-Gage team is like. Kikizo page on this interview:...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Ilkka Raiskinen, Nokia, N-Gage
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
A September 2002 interview with the brothers Tim Stamper (Creative Director) and Chris Stamper (Director) of Rare (then: Rareware Ltd.), and Ed Fries of Microsoft, about the acquisition of Rare by Microsoft. Questions move onto what Rare is currently doing, planning and what upcoming things might happen. Then move back to the acquisition with answers from Ed Fries. Questions move back to what 8 bit IP they own, and if they'll miss Nintendo. Then onto how the Xbox is to develop for, and what...
Topics: Kikizo, Rare, Rareware, Microsoft, Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper, Ed Fries, Nintendo, Kameo, Xbox, EA
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
Interview with Satoru Iwata president of Nintendo Co. Ltd. from May 2004 (likely done at E3). In-game footage centres around a The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game (annouced at the show), and the hardware the Nintendo DS (of which there are prototype shots included in the interview). Reginald "Reggie" Fils-Aime May 2004 E3 speech and DS announcement was included in the video, which was the major announcement. The interview asks questions on the DS, the European gap in release...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Satoru Iwata, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, DS, Zelda, Reggie Fils-Aime, Hiroshi...
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
June 2003 interview with Jason Rubin, then President of Naughty Dog (from 2001 onwards a subsidiary of Sony), which he then later left in 2004. The time of the interview was before the Jak II release date. The interview deals with his history with games, computers and the business - including with Andrew Gavin, how he made "Punch out" his first game he didn't copy over because of lack of hard drives, and his first published game "Ski Crazed" around age 16/17. He then gets...
Topics: Kikizo, Jason Rubin, Naughty Dog, Sony, Jak, Jak and Daxter, Jak II, Crash Bandicoot, Hirokazu...
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
Fable: The Big Feature. A 40 minute interview and look at Fable with different people from Lionhead and Big Blue Box, from August 2004. Fable was released September 2004. This piece solely centres on Fable, and includes major questions on gameplay, design, how the teams were working on it, the story, and comparison with other games. A few questions are more on the design studios and people, including one for Peter Molyneux about over-promising. Key people interviewed include: # Peter Molyneux...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Fable, Lionhead, Big Blue Box, Peter Molyneux, Simon Carter, Dene Carter, James...
Kikizo has a pseudo-interview with Shigeru Miyamoto ("Nintendo god"), Eiji Aonuma (Zelda producer), Koji Kondo (Producer) and Hideki Konno (Sound producer and composer) all of Nintendo. The games discussed include Zelda: Twilight Princess, Mario Kart DS, Nintendogs and some history. In-depth on Zelda: Twilight Princess Eiji Aonuma's latest input with the title Shigeru Miyamoto's fiery project management style The sound and music from legendary Koji Kondo Hideki Konno's time at...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma, Koji Kondo, Hideki Konno, Zelda: Twilight...
Videogame Interviews
by QuakeCon 2002
A lengthy interview with John Carmack, Technical Director and co-founder of Id Software. The interview is centred on Doom 3, and split into 4 parts (although can be viewed as a continuous video since they follow straight on from each other). The topics covered include: Part 1: Graphical effect details in the Doom 3 engine, then how gameplay and graphics will be moving forward with the game. Part 2: The lighting model in Doom 3 (and details on the requirements of the graphics card in the game),...
Topics: Interview, John Carmack, Id Software, QuakeCon, Doom 3
Videogame Interviews
by QuakeCon 2002
Sam Parker interviews Todd Hollenshead (CEO, Id Software), Christian Antkow (Designer, Id Software), about Doom 3. Includes early information about the game (gameplay, story, sound, lighting, multiplayer), concept designs, and some in-game test footage. [Thanks to Fileshack for the video source]
Topics: Interview, QuakeCon, QuakeCon 2002, Id Software, Sam Parker, Todd Hollenshead, Christian Antkow
Kikizo interviews Kaz Hirai, then Vice President of Sony's Corporate Executive, in October 2006. The interview was done in the 'PlayStation Lounge', a luxury dining suite near the top of SCEI's global headquarters building. Questions of course centre on Sony and the PlayStation 3, this being done before the release of the console in November 2006. There are a lot of business questions, prediction questions and strategy questions, and a few humorous ones towards the end - see the segments list...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Kaz Hirai, Sony, PlayStation 3, Bku-Ray, Riiiige Racer
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
An interview with J Allard (legally James Allard, who is Corporate Vice-President at Microsoft) done in Summer 2005 - after the Xbox 360 was announced, but before it was released in November 2005. Thanks to Kikizo for the source. The original interview page is located here: Discussion includes: Expanding the gaming audience Managing a team of 20,000 Deliberate Xbox 360 leaks Varying quality of graphics Developing the look and...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, J Allard, James Allard, Xbox, Xbox 360, Microsoft, PS3
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
An interview with Thomas Pirenen (of Climax Studios) the lead designer of Sudeki, described at the start of the video as the first RPG for the Xbox. Includes various production details, concept art and in game footage set to music. Videogame-related footage taken from Kikizo's archives. [Thanks to for donating this footage.]
Topics: Kikizo, Thomas Pirenen, Climax Studios, Sudeki, Interview
Videogame Interviews
by Gas Powered Games
A brief "behind the scenes" of Dungeon Siege, released in 2002 as promotional material. Interviews with some of the production team: Level Designer Sarah Boulian, Producer Jake McMahon, and Project Leader Chris Taylor. They talk about how it is to work at Gas Powered Games, a bit about how the game was made (including the design side from Chris and the level design from Sarah)and the game art. They also talk a lot about how the game plays, and how they play or enjoy the game...
Topics: Dungeon Siege, Gas Powered Games, Sarah Boulian, Jake McMahon, Chris Taylor
Kikizo interviews Chris Lewis, Vice President, Home Entertainment, Microsoft EMEA (EMEA is Europe as well as Middle East and Africa, hence EMEA or "emmear"). This was done shortly after the X06 (Microsoft's game announcement event now discontinued), nearly a year after the Xbox 360's launch. The questions all focus, of course, on the Xbox 360, the European and especially UK market. There are also some questions about promises, support and the next generation. See the segments list for...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Chris Lewis, Microsoft, Xbox 360, X06, Europe, Support
Kikizo interviews Katsuya Eguichi, the Manager and Producer of Software Development Group No. 2 at EAD in Nintendo's Kyoto-based headquarters. The focus is the Nintendo Wii, which was released November 2006. Obviously has questions on the Wii's development, the new ideas coming for it, and the peripherals/controller. There is more on some of the games, online things and other questions too - including how they keep such good secrets. See the segments list for a runthrough of points. The...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Katsuya Eguchi, Nintendo, Wii, Secrets, Wii Sports Airplane, Mario Galaxy,...
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
Interview with Kazunori Yamauchi (President, Polyphony Digital) from June 2003. The questions are about the Gran Turismo series (which he produces) and Gran Turismo 4 especially, including how the series was started and influences, damage of cars, online specifics, real-world applications of the game and then other ideas he has. Kikizo's page on this video is located here: Videogame-related footage taken from...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Kaz Yamauchi, Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 4
Videogame Interviews
by Shacknews
Shacknews video interview with Cliff Bleszinski, Lead Designer of Epic Games, released July 8th, 2002. Covers Unreal Tournament 2003 game features and differences to the original Unreal Tournament, and some reasons for some of the features. Unreal 2 (Full title: Unreal II: The Awakening) is then covered, under development by Legend Entertainment. He discusses how the game plays, the features, and also the lack of multiplayer (which while he concentrates on saying its a good singleplayer...
Topics: Shacknews, Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games, Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal 2
Videogame Interviews
by British Gaming Blog
We’re still in the balcony in Camden for our fantastic 3 part Guitar Hero II interview! Find out who the rocker chick really is (sorry, the wrong image pops up and Judy Nails is shown on screen) and we talk about the next gen consoles, the history of the game and a little bit more. BGB Wire is British Gaming Blog's on-camera interviews and reports.
Topics: British Gaming Blog, BGB Wire, Interview, Harmonix, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Helen McWilliams,...
Videogame Interviews
by British Gaming Blog
In the cold night in Camden Lock, Jonathan is on a very high up balcony with Helen and Daniel from Harmonix, the developers of the musical game Guitar Hero! In part one of three of this exclusive interview they talk about BAFTAs, amount of songs and how they are chosen and licensing. BGB Wire is British Gaming Blog's on-camera interviews and reports.
Topics: British Gaming Blog, BGB Wire, Interview, Harmonix, Guitar Hero, BAFTA, Helen McWilliams, Daniel...
Kikizo interviews Julian Widdows of Swordfish Studios, about a variety of topics including their game Cold Winter, development and production of games, and on being an independent studio. Interesting since it was done before Swordfish Studios was acquired by Vivendi Games, and includes questions about working with them. Also has mention of Cold Winter 2; which seems to have been canceled since this interview was done or at least not properly announced. Thanks to Kikizo for the source; the...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Julian Widdows, Cold Winter, Swordfish Studios, Vivendi Game, Rage Software
Kikizo interviews Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Q Entertainment, and Phantagram CEO Sangyoun Lee about Ninety-Nine Nights in December 2005. The interview of course centres on the Xbox 360 exclusive Ninety-Nine Nights, being made for the Xbox 360 (and later released in April 2006 in Japan, and later in other territories). Questions focus on the collaboration of the two people and studios to begin with, then the core of the interview is all about the games design and production. Finally, it finishes on...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Q Entertainment, Sangyoun Lee, Phantagram, Ninety-Nine...
Kikizo interviews Ed Fries, who left Microsoft's Game division in 2004 (and was previously Vice President of Game Publishing), in an interview titled "From Excel to Xbox 360" in July 2005. Includes a tons of questions on his past gaming experience at Microsoft - the Xbox 360, Rare, Perfect Dark: Zero and next-gen gaming. Questions also arise about his current exploits, or as he calls it "retirement" (with AEGIA, Fireant and Airtight Games). See the segments list for more...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Ed Fries, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Rare, AEGIA
Bizarre Creations' Matt Cavanagh is interviewed by Kikizo in October 2003, about the game Project Gotham Racing 2, unreleased at the time. A lot of questions about the game, it's multiplayer (on the original Xbox consoles Xbox Live) and finally what is next for Bizarre. Thanks to Kikizo for the source, the original interview is located here:
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Matt Cavanagh, Bizarre Creations, Xbox, Xbox Live, Project Gotham Racing,...
Videogame Interviews
by QuakeCon 2002
Interview with Todd Hollenshead, CEO of Id Software, about QuakeCon 2002, and the showcased games Doom 3, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein on consoles. Includes gameplay, design and technical details of Doom 3, and how RTCW was progressing to put on consoles. Also mention of Quake 4 which was announced and put into early production around the time. [Thanks to Fileshack for the video source]
Topics: Interview, Todd Hollenshead, Id Software, QuakeCon, QuakeCon 2002
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
Kikizo interviews the then-Director of Microsoft's Game Technology Group, Scott Henson, in March 2006. Covers mainly the Xbox 360 (launched in December 2005), including the HD-DVD addon, as well as XNA. See the segments list for more detailed points. You can find the original video page, and at Thanks to Kikizo for the source.
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Scott Henson, Microsoft, Xbox 360, XNA, HD-DVD
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
Kikizo interviews Robbie Bach, Chief Xbox Officer at Microsoft at the time, in June 2005 (half a year before the Xbox 360 launch). Questions are generally all about the Xbox 360 and Microsoft's plans, strategy and desires. There is also some questions on their existing Xbox support and related topics. See the segments list for a full list of covered points. You can also find the original video source at Kikizo. Thanks to Kikizo for the source.
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Robbie Bach
Videogame Interviews
by Kikizo
Kikizo interviews Peter Moore, then Microsoft VP of Gaming, in May 2006. Included are a lot of questions about the Xbox 360 (released late 2005, so still in it's first year), about Microsoft and E3, about the main competitor to the 360 the Playstation 3 (as yet unreleased), and some of his previous jobs. See the segment for a full list of points. Interestingly, the questions about Final Fantasy XIV (14) coming for the Xbox 360 came true for non-Japanese region Xbox's announced in 2008. There...
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Peter Moore, Xbox 360, Microsoft, Playstation 3, Live Anywhere, Micro...
Videogame Interviews
Kikizo interviews Peter Moore, then VP of Gaming at Microsoft, in October 2006 (between the Tokyo Game Show 2006 (TGS) and X06 (Microsoft's gaming event)). The questions centre a lot around the Xbox 360, although also mentioned are games for Windows, the Japanese market and some other related items - Bungie, Peter Jackson and the Halo film, Microsoft research into controls. See the segments list for the full list of question points. You can find the original video page and news item at Kikizo....
Topics: Kikizo, Interview, Peter Moore, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Japan, Windows, Ensemble, Bungie, Peter...